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Employee Compensation

  • Successfully advocated for increasing city employee wages to $15/hour and ensured this as the base pay for all full-time employees.

Development Ordinances

  • Led a resident-initiated ordinance request to require exit/entry fencing for future developments, improving accessibility for residents.

Financial Transparency

  • Spearheaded the city’s move towards greater financial transparency by making economic development records, contracts, public pensions, and debt obligations more visible online.

Community Advocacy

  • Worked with landowners and developers in the Wolf Creek subdivision to secure $1.4 million in drainage infrastructure, preventing future flooding after a severe rainstorm.

Audit and Fraud Committee

  • Served on the Audit and Fraud Committee and successfully advocated for the addition of citizens, increasing transparency.

Code Enforcement

  • Advocated for and secured additional headcount for Code Enforcement in the 2023 budget.

Rental Assistance

  • Advocated for the use of CDBGCV funds for rental assistance, successfully securing $190K to help residents.

Public Safety

  • Led initiatives to improve public safety on streets in the Silver Creek Meadows and Cockrell Hill areas, resulting in additional calming devices, traffic signs, and a new crosswalk for safer school routes.

Domestic Violence Support

  • Partnered with Cares Team to advocate for a diversion program addressing domestic violence, leading to the expansion of an anger management program.

Short-Term Rental Tracking

  • Advocated for improved tracking of Short-Term Rentals and introduced effective resource management software, ultimately purchased by the city.

Job Fair Leadership

  • Successfully chaired the DeSoto Works Job Fair Committee for three years, connecting residents with quality jobs and supporting local employers.

Voter Engagement

  • Led a subcommittee to drive voter awareness and participation in DeSoto, resulting in collaborative voting information meetings.

Veterans Appreciation

  • Hosted annual Veterans Breakfasts for the past three years, honoring and supporting DeSoto veterans.