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My focused initiatives are issues that influence the lives of DeSoto citizens’ every day. I have heard the frustrations from my neighbors and believe, if addressed immediately, the current trajectory of DeSoto can change in key areas that will help remarket DeSoto as a community that ALL citizens can be proud of and feel represented. By listening to the voice of the people and meeting, the needs of ALL citizens will make DeSoto a better place to live, work and play.


Selection of a City Manager

The city’s economic development and the success of various projects hinge significantly on securing an exceptional City Manager. Having been actively involved in our city for the past three years, I’ve seen firsthand the immense potential within our community and the type of leadership needed to drive progress. Now, more than ever, we need proven leadership to navigate and make critical decisions that will shape our city’s future.


Public Safety Initiatives

Over the past three years, enhancing public safety has remained a primary focus of my work. Serving as the council liaison for the Citizens Police Advisory Committee, I am dedicated to collaborating with the community to develop policies that address safety concerns effectively.

To tackle the issue of speeding in our city, I am advocating for programs that provide traffic calming devices to encourage safer driving habits. Additionally, I am pushing for traffic studies at intersections with high accident rates to identify and implement necessary safety measures.

I am also exploring innovative solutions to address non-moving traffic violations, such as broken taillights or turning lights. Through partnerships with organizations like Lights On!, we aim to provide residents with vouchers instead of tickets, alleviating the financial burden associated with these violations. This program has gained recognition and adoption in municipalities across the country.

Expanding Broadband Access

Access to reliable broadband is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity for our community’s success. As we move forward, I’m committed to expanding broadband access across our city.

We must bridge the digital divide to ensure that all residents have equal opportunities to learn, work, and thrive in our increasingly connected world. By expanding broadband infrastructure, we can attract new businesses, create jobs, and enhance our quality of life. Together, we can build a more connected and prosperous future for DeSoto.

Infrastructure Improvement

The City Council’s approval of millions in funding to enhance our streets marks a significant step towards improving our infrastructure. However, we must ensure that no obstacles hinder the progress of these vital projects. As your Councilmember, I am committed to overseeing these efforts and ensuring they move forward efficiently and effectively.

It is crucial that we hire quality contractors who can complete the job correctly the first time. By prioritizing quality in our selection process, we can ensure that our infrastructure improvements are long-lasting and beneficial to our community.

Additionally, I advocate for the implementation of smart streets, which prioritize pedestrian safety and accessibility. By investing in more walkable roads, we can create a safer and more connected community for all residents. We need sidewalks!


Transparency and Accessibility

I have been a staunch advocate for increased transparency regarding how our city’s funds are allocated. Moving forward, I will continue to push for greater accessibility to information online, eliminating the need for cumbersome open records requests for data that should be readily available to the public.

In my role as Chair for the Code Enforcement/Animal Control/Litter committee, appointed by the Mayor, I have focused on raising awareness of common violations and reassessing fee schedules and notification processes. Furthermore, I am evaluating city resources to ensure that our staffing levels align with the city’s needs.

Community Engagement and Dialogue

Throughout my term, I have consistently hosted a series of community meetings to discuss a wide range of topics brought before the council. These meetings have provided valuable opportunities for residents to engage in meaningful conversations about both major and minor decisions being made by the city council.

Moving forward, I am committed to expanding these efforts to create even more opportunities for residents to voice their opinions and concerns. By fostering open and transparent dialogue, we can ensure that the decisions made by the council accurately reflect the needs and desires of our community.